Direct Information List of Questions(88)
Implied Information List of Questions(74)
Similar Situation List of Questions(8)
Finding Evidence List of Questions(142)
Main Ideas List of Questions(29)
Summarizing List of Questions(12)
Describing Relationships List of Questions(24)
Vocabulary in Context List of Questions(128)
Word Choice List of Questions(31)
Overall Structure List of Questions(13)
Internal Structure List of Questions(4)
Point of View List of Questions(26)
Purpose List of Questions(79)
Finding Arguments List of Questions(6)
Author's Reasoning List of Questions(2)
Author's Evidence List of Questions(4)
Comparing Passages List of Questions(37)
Graphics List of Questions(55)
Words in Context List of Questions(80)
Command of Evidence List of Questions(141)
History and Social Studies List of Questions(271)
Science List of Questions(275)

New SAT Writing/Language

Main Idea List of Questions(30)
Supporting Evidence List of Questions(29)
Relevant Information List of Questions(39)
Graphic Analysis List of Questions(16)
Logical Sentence Order List of Questions(38)
Transitional Words and Sentences List of Questions(57)
Precise Word Choices List of Questions(44)
Concise Sentences List of Questions(35)
Style and Tone List of Questions(23)
Clear Sentences List of Questions(27)
Making Whole Sentences and Avoiding Run-ons List of Questions(22)
Joining Sentences with Conjunctions List of Questions(15)
Matching Sentence Structures List of Questions(16)
Where to Put Descriptive Phrases List of Questions(17)
Matching Verbs List of Questions(31)
Matching Nouns List of Questions(2)
Clear Pronouns List of Questions(6)
Making Possessives List of Questions(2)
Pronoun Agreement List of Questions(23)
Verb Agreement List of Questions(15)
Noun Agreement List of Questions(5)
Confusing Words List of Questions(28)
Comparing Correctly List of Questions(10)
Appropriate Prepositions List of Questions(14)
Ending a Sentence List of Questions(1)
Punctuating a Sentence List of Questions(25)
Making Possessives List of Questions(8)
Punctuating a List List of Questions(12)
Extra Clauses List of Questions(18)
Unnecessary Punctuation List of Questions(8)
Words in Context List of Questions(55)
Command of Evidence List of Questions(56)
History and Social Studies List of Questions(88)
Science List of Questions(86)

New SAT Math

Linear Equations List of Questions(63)
Linear Inequalities List of Questions(24)
Linear Modelling List of Questions(16)
Systems of Linear Inequalities List of Questions(13)
Systems of Linear Equations List of Questions(37)
One Variable System Using Algebra List of Questions(40)
Two Variable System Using Algebra List of Questions(29)
Linear Interpretation List of Questions(18)
Algebraic-Graphical Connections List of Questions(32)
Ratios, Rates, Proportions, Scales List of Questions(43)
Percentages List of Questions(46)
Measurements List of Questions(32)
Scatterplots List of Questions(19)
Investigating Graphs List of Questions(20)
Linear and Exponential Growth List of Questions(4)
Two-Way Tables List of Questions(25)
Sample and Population Parameters List of Questions(6)
Data Shape, Center, Spread List of Questions(34)
Evaluating Reports List of Questions(12)
Quadratic or Exponential Modelling List of Questions(19)
Forms of Expressions List of Questions(11)
Rational Exponent Expressions List of Questions(15)
Equivalent Algebraic Expressions List of Questions(21)
Solving Quadratic Equations List of Questions(29)
Polynomial Arithmetic List of Questions(19)
Solving Radicals and Rationals List of Questions(24)
Linear-Quadratic Systems List of Questions(18)
Rewriting Rational Expressions List of Questions(7)
Interpreting Nonlinear Expressions List of Questions(15)
Polynomial Zeros and Factors List of Questions(10)
Nonlinear Relationships in Algebra List of Questions(18)
Function Notation List of Questions(14)
Isolate and Identify a Quantity List of Questions(11)
Volume List of Questions(6)
Right Triangles List of Questions(6)
Complex Numbers List of Questions(10)
Degrees and Radians List of Questions(3)
Arcs, Chords, and Sectors List of Questions(18)
Congruence and Similarity Theorems List of Questions(24)
Trigonometric Ratios, Theorems List of Questions(16)
Circle Equations List of Questions(4)
History and Social Studies List of Questions(110)
Science List of Questions(111)